Who are the Rainbow guys?
Proprietor “Rainbow Larry” Watson and Master Technician Brian Lunde have nearly 50 years combined experience servicing and repairing Volvos.  This knowledge base spans from before 240s up through the “new generation” computer-controlled sedans, wagons and SUVs after 2001.  These guys have pioneered fixes for many problems unique to Volvos and have the background knowledge of “where to look” when similar and familiar symptoms arise.

If you stop by or call, we are happy to answer your Volvo questions to offer real solutions to Volvo problems.  Feel free to visit and speak with our friendly, knowledgeable team where we know how to fix it right the first time.


Rainbow Larry Watson

Larry Watson is the owner and master facilitator at Rainbow Automotive.
An automotive tinkerer since 1974, and officially in business in 1986, he aims to balance your car needs with your car dollars. You see, every car "needs" thousands of dollars in repairs, but there is a line of truth where you can fix the safety issues and work your way through the maintenance ones.
Larry found his first Volvo in 1975 and has had one or more ever since. He and his wife Virginia have been driving the same Volvo, a 1982 black 244GL beauty with over 400,000 miles.
Larry has been ASE certified in 9 areas, including Advanced L1 Engine Performance. He can fix cars by phone, and believes an informed driver travels farther and more safely.
Cost effective repairs and service is a goal within reach when the right decisions are made with good counsel.
Your relationship with your car is complicated enough: let us simplify it at Rainbow Auto.
Brian Lunde

Brian Lunde

Brian Lunde has been with Rainbow Auto Service since the fall of 1999.
He is the kind of technician you want to have work on your Volvo because his focus and curiosity lead him to some surprising conclusions.
One of his greatest magical assets are the combination of his knowledge of mechanical function, plus his knowledge of the electronic controls of your late-model Volvo, all coupled with exceptional powers of observation which enable him to notice things of importance in time to make a difference in the outcome.
Oftentimes a car with what seems to be a series of problems can be proven ís really one problem masquerading as many.
As a kid, Brian wanted to be a mad scientist, so being an auto diagnostician suits him well.
Brian's quiet modesty, soft spoken style has created quite a few fans, whether know it's him or not. It's time to get to know him - or at least his works of powerful magic.


Adam Richardson came to Rainbow between a storied career as a glass installer and being a stay-at-home Dad to his two daughters.
Adam has a keen eye for detail and exceptional working knowledge of vehicle interiors, electrical systems and auto-glass.
Adam has since started his own auto glass installation shop, but hangs out at Rainbow from time to time and is called in for window replacement and any interior repair.
Adam has a precision touch and extended knowledge of how your Volvo interior comes apart to keep from destroying the brittle pieces, and also knows how it goes back together without a pocket full of left-over screws.
While he isn't TECHNICALLY an employee around Rainbow, there is a decent chance you will bump into him if you come in.