The goal of Used Volvo Sales at Rainbow Auto is less about “making a buck” and more about being able to locate, qualify and sell Volvo cars and SUVs of useful value in all price ranges.  These Volvos run the range from a “beater-with-a-heater” to get you by for a period of time (if that’s what you need) all the way up to something that will provide numerous years and miles of ownership satisfaction.  In all price ranges, some are 240-series sedans or wagons and some are late model sedans, wagons and SUVs.

Cars for sale at Rainbow Auto are sourced from private party, dealer auctions, and trade-ins at other dealerships.  We will even consign a customer-owned Volvo as well.  Rainbow Auto is just like a regular used-car dealership.  The only difference?  It’s always a Volvo.  

Each pre-owned Volvo is test-driven and inspected with immediate concerns repaired.  Before you purchase one of our offerings we offer full disclosure of known and trending issues for the individual car as well as the model.  Cars of all ages can be full of surprises, but we do our best to provide a detailed synopsis of each offering.

Volvo Pre-Purchase Inspection – FREE!

Lastly, if you’re shopping for a Volvo from a private party or car lot, DO NOT buy it until you have scheduled a Rainbow Auto Service complimentary pre-purchase inspection.  This will give you peace of mind before you commit to a new set of wheels that may be masquerading as a new set of problems.  The pre-purchase inspection is a free service.

Used Volvo Sales Lot

We are limited to five cars in our for-sale lot at a time.  We list them under “cars by dealer” on the Bellingham Craigslist page.  We will post pictures below with a link to each car available.  If there is no picture below, we do not have an offering at this time.

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SOLD 2002 Volvo TURBO S60



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