Rainbow Automotive Service & Sales has always been committed to providing the best value available for your Volvo parts needs. In the past we have been able to offer high quality used parts to our customers from our own inventory but we are no longer able to do so. We will happily offer new, re-manufactured, and salvaged parts – sourced from licensed vehicle wrecking yards (when available) to help minimize your repair costs.


Rainbow Automotive Service & Sales still has critical replacement parts for your Volvo available in stock and sourced from select aftermarket vendors and from Volvo. Examples that you might need include taillights, headlights, brakes, fuel, ignition, suspension, and electrical components – all at fair prices.


Rainbow Automotive Service & Sales is a distributor of a full line of rebuilt parts for your Volvo from our vendor list from doing Volvo repair for 30-plus-years. These include locally re-manufactured alternators & starters, brake calipers, drive-lines, mechanical and electrical components.

Rainbow Automotive Exclusive
Designed by Rainbow Larry

Custom Bolt-On Power Bracket made of rugged T-1 Steel and grade 8 materials. Fits all B-18 and B-20 motors from the 60s and 70s.  This bracket installs in under an hour with ordinary tools and allows replacement of your stock 30-amp generator or alternator with a proven Delco 63-amp ALTERNATOR with PERFECT alignment for belts and pulleys and NO additional wiring requirements..

Custom Bolt-On Power Bracket

Custom Bolt-On Power Bracket


Custom Bolt-On Power Bracket

Custom Bolt-On Power Bracket

This kit provides more amperage for system power, battery charging, high-performance headlights and sound systems at a fraction of the cost of original equipment. The 63-amp Delco alternators are much easier to find in parts stores than Volvo charging system parts.



Includes machined bracket, mounting bolts, and easy instructions. $129.00

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